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Post by Alice on Sat Jan 21, 2017 12:59 pm

Once you have made an acceptable race and it accepted it will go on a wiki for the site. This applies to what your character is and what their people are. Nothing too overpowering nor extinct (your character is the last if them). Make it from yourimagination but also reasonable.

Name of Race:
Race Age: how long has this race existed?
Race advancement: hiw advanced is the race? Is it pre-industrial, advanced, modern? Not every race has to know space travel.

Similar Species: If there are similar creatures like this one what are they? Please list off and explain.

Culture: If this race has a particular religion or style of living or even the style of their homes please give at least two or more paragraphs explaining it.

Government: Does this race follow a Monarchy or Democracy? What governing bodies are there? Hiw are the people, military,  laws, abd areas/world governed? Please be a bit descriptive

Military: Name of the military or militaries
Branches: Include the different bodies of the military, like marines, army, navy, etc. Include a rank system as a regular military would, let it be you start off as a Private, Grunt, etc. And include a function for each branch.

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