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Hey all! This is the newest RPG Forum known as the Realms of Vengeance, here you can be whatever you want (No, not a hooker or rapist, we usually ban those kinds XP), it is up to you!

Not a member yet? Well come on and register to become the next legend in the Realms of Vengeance! We are welcoming any form of role-player, from new to old, we can provide assistance if needed! We provide Anime to Role-playing needs, guests can see a few things on the sidelines but a member can see more to the story, so hurry on and become a member! Feel as if we do not have something on here? Suggest it and we can work something out!

New here? Come and say hello to everyone in the forum, you can find the Greetings/Farewell section right below the Chat Box! Evil, Good, and Freelancer we are accepting all kinds of role-players.

Not into role-playing? You could just hang around and talk in the Chat Box, post music and videos and pictures, etc. As far as we are concerned (Administrators/Moderators), we want everyone to have a great time and make new friends. So what are you waiting for? You have an epic story waiting to unfold don't you? So get out here and make it happen! Very Happy

Rules sheet

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Rules sheet

Post by Alice on Sun Jul 05, 2015 1:37 am

All Administrators and Moderators and members MUST follow these rules, no matter how insane they may seem, they have to be followed to help keep this site afloat.

#1 Accepted Character Sheets: Before you begin to role-play with other people you MUST have an accepted character sheet, it has to be accepted by an administrator or a moderator, but the app will be placed in the Pending section where the admins/mods can take a good look at it.

#2 The Three Strike Rule: Three strikes and your out, a personal favorite system in which I use. Cursing up a storm, harassment, and spamming in a section not in the spam section give you one strike. Any problems that come up I will see and if it is not fixed then I can fix it my self and see who the culprit of the matter is. If you try to bite back at me, meaning if you cuss at me or any other person WHILE we are trying to fix the situation, you get an automatic two to three strikes out of the deal.

#3 Language: Please be clean especially when talking to someone, its alright to curse a small amount, but its best to keep it at a limit, its so you do not look like an idiot (Use common sense when talking.)
Also, if you speak other languages please speak English, it is no offense at all, but the majority of this site speaks English than other foreign languages. This involves religion, I can understand freedom of speech and that you believe in it but there are people on the site who will be offended so please keep it down.

#4 Spamming: This is the largest of most problems in a Forum/Community, Spamming. If you want to post in the Spam Section then make a topic, DO NOT SPAM ON A POST THAT IS NOT MEANT FOR SPAMMING, this will prove as a ban if you spam way too much on there.

#5 NO PORNOGRAPHY!!!!: Simple as easy, you post pornography, you get banned, if you post someone with a bikini thats fine I suppose, but if the ladies tits are halfway out of her top then you will be immediately asked to remove the post. If you refuse, you will be officially banned forum the site itself as well as your other accounts (if you have any). If you are caught the first time you will receive a two month ban, the 2nd time is an five month, and the third is an official ban (meaning you will never come back).

#6 Friendliness: We are not asking you to be best of buddies, but we are asking you to be nice. If you treat someone like shit be prepared to be treated like shit.

#7 Rough Emotions (Depression/Anger): If you are depressed about something talk to someone about on here (This means anyone who is trying to fuck with this person will get removed from the Forum), if you do not want to thats fine, but if you are lying you will get banned for one week from the Forum, I hate liars. If you keep posting about how you are depressed or angry and keep making topics about it (more then enough times) you will be banned for a week. If you are saying this stuff just to get people to role-play with you, you could be banned for three weeks.
If you are mad about something, DO NOT take it out on anyone in this Forum take that stuff somewhere else, if you need to talk about it do it in a calm manner and not in a manner that makes you look like an idiot (Please look at rule #3: Language).

#8 Help, Request, Suggestions: There is a section on this forum with the name of this rule. If you need help ask our mods and admins, or ask someone who knows what they are doing. If you need to request something, ask our mods and admins, this goes for suggestions for the site, if you have ideas you want to throw out there then say something, don't be shy now.

#9 Role-play pornography: No, we do not accept this one bit. Please refrain from raping/seducing other players characters, this helps keep down problems with other people and also helps keep this Forum clean of pornography, period, this also includes no hentai, if its posted you will be given a ban, not official ban, but something to teach you a lesson.

#10 Inappropriate actions: Please DO NOT rape everyones or other peoples characters, even if its tempting, this involves groping as well, please keep that stuff down, we don;t need a storm of reports on a single person.

#11 God-modding: No killing/defeating characters in less then six posts, this is god-modding where the other character does not get the chance at all, no big moves that can kill a character in a single shot. So you have a powerful attack that can deal some good damage, bt it must have a major effect on your character as well.

#12 Proper sentences: Please write proper sentences and not a bunch of rubbish, "i ain't going be ther sory bruh i eat somethin quik," this is improper by all means, so please make sure that you write properly.
"I am not going to be there, sorry bro, I'm going to eat something real quick," As random as this is, its proper as could be. If you are trying to sound intelligent and use big boy words (Infinitesimal, Illuminati, Jesus) then you must spell then correctly, can't spell the word? Then use a different one, do not try to fix the word with different letters, keep using different words that relates to what you are trying to say.

#13 Real Email: Please have an actual Email and not a fake, we know what Email you have and we can message it, if you do not answer in a week then we will kick that Email off the site. Simple as that.

#14 Follow the Rulez: Please follow the rules, do not slither your way around them or you will get banned officially.

#15 Respect: Please treat everyone fairly and with respect.

#16 Topics, Creating and Joining: When going into role-play you must make sure you are finished with one beforehand, doing multiple role-plays at the same time will not be acceptable and you will be given a warning from there. When joining a topic with someone be sure they are okay with it because you do not know if they are doing something with their characters story, do not just jump into it first hand, ask through Private Message first. When creating a topic you must have a title for it, if it's a one-on-one then be sure you dress the persons name in the title, for example:
Something New (With Mara)
That is alright to do, but BE SURE you are not in any other topics, and if someone wants to join your topic you must speak with the person you are already role-playing with about it. If you agree to it and they don't or it's the other way around, then the person who wants to join cannot join. You have four different topics, but they will be posted in the rules below here.

#17 Different Role-plays: There are three different rp's you have. There is you're fighting topic which is meant for fighting (duh).
You have your main plot, from which is the main story for your character but is also the site role-play that involves a lot more people.
The Event Role-play is used for special events, like holiday role-plays, and the such.
The Personal Role-play is for role-plays that you can have with other people randomly, it is apart of Main Plot somewhat, but used as an extra rp slot just in case you want to have a role-play anytime.

#18 Have Fun!!!: We want our members to be happy and have fun, do what they can on the site to have a good time while they are on here. So what are you waiting for? Go out and unleash your story!

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